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    No Effect
    Beveled Grey and White text and background only
    Cool Shadow
    Drop Shadow
    Stamped Text will be same color as background
    Checkered Grey and White text only
    Double Outline
    Fuzzy Shadow
    Fuzz color:
    Sheared Shadow
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    Outline color:
    Outline color: Stroke Width:
    Gel Button Background is transparent
    Button Color: Shadow Color:
    Layers: Layer Color
    Preset Styles
    Tattoo Basic
    Tattoo Outline
    Tribal Letters
    Tribal Letters 2
    Initials 2
    OG Classic
    OG Classic 2

    5 CENT

    Back Spin

    HardWay Basic

    HardWay Flat

    OldeGangsta (Black)

    OldeGangsta (Outline)

    Olde Crilt

    Skin Art

    Skin Art (Black)

Ģ Getting Started

To see a quick sample of what graffwriter.com does just hit the "submit" button at the top, right of the main page. A graphic will be created using the defualt settings.

To create a custom graphic just enter your text & choose the colors & effects you like. When your done hit submit. A graphic will be created & shown on the artboard.

If you are happy with the file you can save the image & get HTML code to post it online.

If you want to continue making changes then just alter your settings & hit submit again. Your custom settings will still be in place so you can make minor changes or start all over as you see fit.